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Our Mission
This place is created for people who are interested in Classical Turkish Culture.
We want to create a special place for all kinds of people to talk about it and share in a respectful manner information about this culture.
Our focus will be mainly on the culture of the past times, e.g. on the art, language and history of the Turkish culture.
But of course you are also invited to talk about the current cultural aspects of Turkey or about modern daily things.

Current Status
Right now our focus will be on Classical Turkish Music in general.
A useful library for Turkish Music enthusiasts is ready to be used; the Sheet Music Library.

Current Plans
Right now we try to get all data correct for our Sheet Music Library.
But besides that we will focus on building the next library, the Recordings Library. This will be our main focus.
Our second goal is to create a directory for venues.

For "Foreigners" of DîvânMakam
Over time when the site grows, especially the amount of English-speaking people, we will have many seperate sections for you.
It depends on the interests and growth and what aspect of Turkish culture you are interested in.

Current Plans for "Foreigners"
If you have noticed, we have a section called Sheet of Music (Arabic or Western Notation)
Right now it is empty and we need your help building it.
It will be the same type of library we already introduced you to, with a small difference.
As you may know Turkish music notation is slightly different than Western or Arabic notation. It makes it hard to adapt to the Turkish notation if you have learned and practiced the other way of notation. For that musicians tend to transcribe the Turkish notation to their systems.

Sheet Music Library in Turkish notation is already created and ready.
What we need from you is to help us to build an archive for sheet music in other notation..
So you can find easily what you are looking for and use it whenever and wherever you want by just visiting this library.
You are welcome to share with us your transcribed versions in western or arabic notation.

Our Profit
Keep in mind that this site is in no way a commercial place. This website has a non-commercial concern, makes no profit and runs no kind of advertising. Our goal is to educate and get educated for the sake of our intellects.

The name "DîvânMakam" is created by combining two words.
In Muslim cultures of the Middle East, North Africa, Sicily[1] and South Asia, a Diwan (Persian: دیوان‎, divân, Arabic: ديوان‎, dīwān) is a collection of poems by one author, usually excluding his or her long poems (mathnawī).[2] These poems, frequently sung or set to music, were often composed and collected in the imperial courts of various sultanates and were very well known for their ability to inspire.
Makam (pl. makamlar; from the Arabic word مقام) is a system of melody types used in Arabic, Persian and Turkish classical music. It provides a complex set of rules for composing and performance. Each makam specifies a unique intervalic structure (cinsler) and melodic development (seyir).[1]
The purpose was to find a word which represents this place and our cause. Having a name which may be familiar to the ears of "foreigners".

Our Logo
The DîvânMakam logo is based on three things: the symbol, the writing and the slogan.
The symbol is based on a sixteenth note, a half of a book and a half of a circle. Obviously the first two things represent "dîvân" and "makam". The half of a circle represents the whole collection (the whole circle) of (classical) Turkish culture.
The writing "DîvânMakam" is made to be look like it is written by an ink pen or alternatively by the pen of a Classical Turkish Calligraphist. And at the same time looking like a signature.
Our slogan is based on the lyrics of a composition by the famous musician Münir Nûreddin Selçuk. The lyricist is unknown and it is written in old Turkish way (Ottoman grammar) which is not used today. So just a few words from that lyrics. The translation is: "Remember the fortunate past". It represents fully our hearts.

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